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Plastic Welding, Bonding, Joining, Bonding and Cutting for the Needs of Industry

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Service-Repair and regeneration of plastics for mechanical damage. Repair of plastic (plastic) tanks. Welding inserts, replenishing material defects. Regenerating plastic rubs, thermoforming deformations. We weld materials: 
PA, PP, PE, PEI, PPA, PPS, PEX, PEEK, PS, PBT, PC, PVC, PPE, PE / PP, PA + PPE, PA + ABS, ABS, ASA, AES, SAN, POM , PP + EPDM, PPS, PMMA, PAM, PVDF and other thermoplastics. Welding - Making plastic constructions, bulkheads, boxes, partition walls, making containers and tanks. Extrusion welding with extruder and manual welding with hot gas / air. Welding - Pipe fusion welding, Welding and repairing tarpaulins, small parts and small diameter pipes Bonding Duroplasts, Bakelite, Resin composites, UP + GF, EP + GF, VE + GF, PUR, soft PVC, Elastomers, rubber bonding, rubber items, rubber-like, EPDM Riveting. Riveting of plastic, methods of mechanical joining of plastic materials

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